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       In Japanese, “omakase” means “chef’s choice” .Chef Peter and Chunyu pride  themselves on making the dining experience remarkable and memorable for each guest. Whether they are  slicing sashimi, or greeting guests, they  engage  guests throughout the evening, offering the opportunity for diners to relax, enjoy their cuisine, and experience something truly special. 

       The core of any great sushi restaurant is the fish, and here at Omakase Room By MAASER ,the vast majority is sourced directly from Tokyo, Japan. Having developed strong bonds with various vendors in the market over the years, Chef Peter and Chunyu  can say without doubt that the fish on the plates in their dining room is quite literally the finest available anywhere in the world. 

      Of course, what is on the plate is just one element of the entire dining experience. To showcase the fresh, beautifully prepared sushi courses,  They have  curated an impressive beverage collection, which features some of the finest sake available directly from Japan. This meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the dining experience at Omakase Room By MAASER  — the impeccable service and even the hand-picked flowers and bonsai  that punctuate the dining room.